• Lorenzo De Los Angeles, Ganymede


    Lesser Deities of Summer

    1329 Willoughby Ave #211. Brooklyn, NY 11237
    August 15th to September 6th, 2015
    Gallery Hours: Sat – Sun 1pm – 6pm,
    and by appointment
    Video Screening: September 3rd

    Jesse Bransford
    Peter Clough
    Christopher Davison
    Lorenzo De Los Angeles
    Evie Falci
    Jennifer Gustavson
    Elizabeth Insogna
    Alessandro Keegan
    Jac Lahav
    Tracy Molis
    Ryan Schneider
    Jennifer Sullivan
    Bob Szantyr
    Nick van Woert
    Saya Woolfalk

    curated by Kari Adelaide and Max Razdow

    Lesser Deities of Summer celebrates the season’s wane with a group of works that may be considered devotional — perhaps suggestive of deities that have been demoted or erased over centuries, or are in the process of coming to be. Invocations might serve to engage temporality with the potential of timeless being, and multiplicities are common, such as Jupiter’s lesser known attributes as a god of “oak…of the rain and the thunder” (1). The presented works do not always portray capital G gods or goddesses but rather are self-made totems and apparitions: star crowned, flower crowned, or uncrowned; winged or wingless, reflective of desire and epitomizing the tremulous nature of our time and place. These works may be thought of as conjuring an essence which leads not back to the work itself, but traverses a space beyond grasp and as elusive as a passing season. The visual cues of divinity can sometimes be recognizable, such as great god Pan’s goat legs and horns, or Babylonian deities’ eyes inlaid with precious stones, but recognition is not always intentional or sacred. As the summer fades, we will attempt to collect a pantheon of lesser deities, seeking passage or pause as the season comes to an end.

    1. Sir James Frazer, The Golden Bough (New York: The Macmillan Company, 1960), 185.

    Image courtesy of Lorenzo De Los Angeles, Ganymede, 40″ x 30″, colored pencil on paper, 2015.

    For more information, please contact The Sphinx at thesphinxnyc@gmail.com or Underdonk at info@underdonk.com


    Nick Van Woert
    Jennifer Sullivan, Chris Davison, Peter Clough, Ryan Schneider, Nick Van Woert, Allesandro Keegan, Jenifer Gustavson
    Lorenzo De Los Angeles, Jesse Bransford
    Evie Falci, Bob Szantyr, Lorenzo De Los Angeles, Jennifer Gustavson
    Alessandro Keegan, Tracy Mollis, Liz Insogna
    Ryan Schneider, Nick Van Woert, Allesandro Keegan, Tracy Mollis, Jenifer Gustavson
    Jennifer Sullivan, Chris Davison, Peter Clough
    Nick van Woert, Jac LaHav
    Peter Clough
    Saya Woolfak
    Saya Woolfak

    Evie Falci

    Bob Szantyr

    Alessandro Keegan

    Elizabeth Insognia